Books & Articles


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Invited Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Papers

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Articles & Interviews

Sacco, F. (2006). Numerous School Shooting Plots Uncovered in Recent DaysCNN

Twemlow, S., and Sacco, F. (2010). Clues your child is bullied, and what to doCNN

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2008-Present   International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies,   Associate Editor

2012-Present   Violence and Gender, Associate Editor

Published Multimedia

PERSONAL SAFETY FOR WOMEN, written, directed, and produced by Frank Sacco, Ph.D., a 30-minute television program produced for the Springfield Cable Endowment

PREVENTING TEEN SEXUAL HARASSMENT, written, directed, and produced by Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D., a 30 minute training curriculum for Middle School Students

GET HOME ALIVE, a 22 minute video about the proper use of pepper spray and other self-defense escapes, directed and produced by Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D.

BACK OFF BULLY , Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D. Executive Producer, Co-Director, and writer, July, 2000.  Original Soundtrack, “Back Off Bully” composed by Newland, Sacco, Twemlow