About Dr. Sacco

Since 1984, Dr. Sacco has pioneered the use of home-based mental health services to multi-problem families often referred by  the Massachusetts Departments of Children and Families and Youth Services, courts and schools.   He is an international speaker on school violence and victimization who has appeared on CNN News and featured on CNN Opinion commenting on school shootings and bullying, as well as addressed audiences in Jamaica, Paraguay, Australia, and New Zealand on the topics of violence. Dr. Sacco is a former adjunct Professor at Western New England College in Springfield, MA.

He has been qualified as an expert in Child and Family Mental Health over 100 times in juvenile and federal courts in Massachusetts. He has been a consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit on topics including US School Shooters, Threat Assessment, Domestic Violence, and Internet Sexual Exploitation of Children.

Dr. Sacco was previously licensed as a psychologist in California, before moving to Massachusetts (now lapsed). He completed training at the Menninger Clinic under Dr. Karl Menninger and studied for two and a half years with Harriet B. O’Shea, Ph.D., an elder Anna Freudian, and Professor Emeritus from Purdue University.

Dr. Sacco is also a 25 year martial artist with a Black Belt in Han-Pul Karate. He has co-authored 35 papers and book chapters on school violence prevention, threat assessment, as well as several educational videos. He recently published a book titled “Why School Anti-Bullying Programs Don’t Work”.

Dr. Sacco co-wrote a featured article for CNN Opinion titled “Clues your child is bullied, and what to do” as part of CNN’s complete coverage on Stop Bullying, Speak Up week.